Moving or Renaming Multiple Files – The Easy (zsh) Way

Linux workers like you and me often need to move a bunch of files. For example, you want to rename all *.dat files into *.dat_save, or you want to rename all files foo.* into something like bar.*. This, however, is not easy to do using the move command as 1) “mv” only supports a single [...]

ICE – A Super-Easy Photo Stitching Tool

Well, I never thought that the following could possibly happen: I hereby recommend a great and free piece of software manufactured by Microsoft! I’ve been looking for a photo stitching tool that does the job fast and does not require for much marking nor readjusting by hand. Microsoft has the Image Composite Editor (ICE), a [...]

Southwest USA Tour – Photos 1

First part of the tour: From San Francisco to Sacramento to Yosemite to Mammoth Lakes.

Southwest USA Tour – Photos 2

Second part of the tour: From Lone Pine to Death Valley to Zion to Bryce to Moab.

Southwest USA Tour – Photos 3

The last part of the tour: From Ouray to Monument Valley to Grand Canyon to Jushua Tree Park to Los Angeles.

Wordpress Image Uploader is incompatible with Flash 10

It took me a while to figure out why my Image Uploader of Wordpress does not work anymore. When trying to upload new images to Wordpress, the Flash Uploader would not open at all. That is, clicking on “Choose Files to Upload” has no effect, while it worked perfectly before. I have updated Wordpress from [...]