Wordpress Image Uploader is incompatible with Flash 10

It took me a while to figure out why my Image Uploader of Wordpress does not work anymore. When trying to upload new images to Wordpress, the Flash Uploader would not open at all. That is, clicking on “Choose Files to Upload” has no effect, while it worked perfectly before. I have updated Wordpress from Version 2.5. to 2.6.2. as well as Adobe Flash. Trying to solve that problem, I realized that the Flash Uploader has dozens of problems and hacks solving them. I tried some of them and finally found the following quote in the depths of the Wordpress support forums:

Update your Adobe Flash to the latest version (esp you Linux users!): Flash.
NOTE: NOT TO VERSION 10. The new Flash version 10 is incompatible. The latest version 9 of Flash is what you want.

So if you encounter a similar problem and image upload is so important to you that you can do without the newest version of Flash, apply the Flash Uninstaller and install Flash 9 from Adobe’s software archive.

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