Directly Edit and Play with Plots in R

The R-project describes itself as a “free software environment for statistical computing and graphics”. It can produce nice graphics indeed, but in practice editing them often gets tedious since any alteration must be given as one or multiple command-line commands. At least I thought so – until I found out about the playwith package. With [...]

Activate extended globbing!

This one is for zsh users. As you read this, open your editor at once an add the following line to your .zshrc
setopt extendedglob
This will activate extended globbing and allow you to do even more zsh commandline candy. Here some examples
rm ^important.txt # remove all files in the current dir but important.txt
rm *.log~apache.log # [...]

Schau mal: Frost!

Eine Kältewelle erschüttert das sonst so frostresistente Leipzig! Letztes Jahr haben Passanten noch erstaunt die Digitalkamera herausgeholt als sich etwas Schnee auf den Tischen der Gemüsehändler sammelte. Und nun: Schneeberge auf den Gehwegen und fast -20°C. Folgender Temperaturverlauf muss deshalb einfach ins Archiv.