Online Memorizing Revisited

In december, I wrote an article about spaced repetition systems for learning vocabuly and other facts. The both web- and desktop-based tool Anki turned out to be particularly suitable for our purposes (see older post). One requirement was the ability to instantly share entered facts among a group of people, which interestingly was problematic for all tested tools.

We now found out that this feature is no poblem at all with Anki, which allows to subscribe to facts-sets (decks) of other people. This process is designed such that changes to shared decks propagate (see this discussion). In other words, once you subscribe to a deck, you will receive both corrections of existing facts and newly added facts. However, facts will not be deleted. So, just do as follows to get complete and instant sharing of facts among a group. One person -let’s call him master – sets up an initial deck and sends the share-key (to be found under Decks->share in the webinterface) to all other people in the learning group. Each of them subscribes to the master’s deck and sends his or her own share-key back to the master. The master now subscribes to all other decks. In effect, each group member can add and modify facts that will propagate to all other members. Perfect!

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