Anycom Bluetooth USB Adapter on Windows 7

For the first time I could personally sense the effects of the economic crisis. The manufacturer of my Bluetooth device ANYCOM USB-200, the Germany-based ITM Technology AG is insolvent. Immediate effect for customers like me: No more driver updates and their general unavailability on the homepage.

Here is the good news for everybody who wants to use an ANYCOM Bluetooth USB adapter (200, 250, 500) on Windows 7. The Vista driver runs just fine under Windows 7. And I got the driver ( “anycom-bluetooth-usb200-250-500-vista-v6-1-0-4700.exe”). If anybody needs it, feel free to send me an email (see About). It may be worth noting that Windows 7 complains about not being able to correctly install Bluetooth devices like a headset (Plantronics Voyager 510 for me), while in fact you you only need the correct driver for the adapter.

Update: After brisk demand I decided to allow you to download the driver directly from this website. Of course, no warranty whatsoever provided.

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  1. Dear Sir can you please help me to obtaine a copy of this


    I have got a msi starkey 2.0 v2 and it seem that a tihs driver if i want to use it with windows 7 x64

    with greetings
    Olav aka Wodo1

  2. Does anybody know where to get the XP driver? Anycom’s support site has been down for 1 month+ and they don’t return support emails…

  3. Danke! Coole Sache!
    Hab das USB-250 und dank dem Treiber von hier klappt jetzt alles super! *freu*

  4. Thank you so much, I really needed that.

  5. Hi, can I please get a copy of the vista driver!?

  6. En français:
    Je dispose de Windows 7 home premium 32bits et d’une clé Bluetooth Anycom usb 200.
    J’ai le pilote Vista v6.0.1.6300.
    Le site du fabricant étant en panne, je vais tenter de l’installer si le pilote par défaut trouvé par WindowsUpdate ne me convient pas.

    In english (translate by Internet):
    Good morning, I dispose 32 bits of home premium Windows 7 and of a key Bluetooth Anycom usb 200. I have the pilot Vista v6.0.1.6300. The site of the producer have broken down, I am going to try to install it if the pilot by default found by WindowsUpdate does not admit me. Thank you.

  7. You really out done yourself! I

  8. Hey its Mr. Blue just dropping by to say hi. nice blog

  9. I just wanted to say thanks for hosting this driver!

  10. You’re a STAR Cheers !!

    Phillip Morris in UK ;-) Many Thanks !!

  11. Hello, just doing some browsing for my Plantronics website. Lots of information out there. Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but interesting page. Cya later.

  12. Thanks a lot for providing the abandoned drivers!

  13. Thanks for the driver! I looked long and hard for it with very little luck, so you are a real Godsend, thanks!

  14. thanks a lot bro!!!! you are a lifesaver!!!!

  15. Thanks for making the Anycom Driver available. Unfortunately the availability of the driver on other sites was tied to the purchase Driver Update software or a download that triggered my anti-virus, spyware, malware warnings.

  16. Thanks for the driver!! The others are located at .

  17. Thank you!
    This (see link in article) is currently the one and only source of this driver – that I am aware of.

  18. IMPORTANT: files sent from a Bluetooth device to a personal computer go to


    - at least on Windows 7 (64 Bit version).

    On my computer, files even disappeared totally – the moment after i clicked the final confirmation button (within ANYCOM).

    When i (manually) redirected the download folder to
    the transfer worked flawlessly.

  19. all versions: