Use the new Emacs Daemon!

Emacs usually takes quite some time to fully start up. However, as described in the great blog Emacs-Fu, Emacs 23 can now be started in the background as a daemon. This allows to fire up a new Emacs instance really fast. Thanks djcb!

Inline Figures in Org-Mode Paper Drafts

Writing a paper often comes along with a problem known as information fragmentation: figures, tables and the respective data sources related to the paper certainly are somewhere on your hard disk – but where? How did I name the file with the data-points again? And, the heck, which commands did I use to create that [...]

Finding out where your Program Crashes with the Emacs GUD

This post describes a very, very elementary debugging skill. Yet, I could not find any concise tutorial about it on the web. So, here we go!
Assume you’re developing a small software under Linux, maybe using C or C++ and the GCC compiler. Testing your program, you find that it crashes with an error (segfault, assertion, [...]

Fetch Bibliographic Data within Emacs

Are you frequently working with bibliographies, e.g. writing LaTeX documents with BibTeX? Finding the references you want to cite, and fetching/inserting the bibliographic data usually involves a number of clicks and database searches. There is an Emacs extension that may help you out here: Pub-Mode streamlines the whole process down to a couple of keystrokes.
Also, [...]

Using Emacs Org-mode to Draft Papers

Scientific papers are mostly written in LaTeX, a markup language for typesetting. With LaTeX, a document is programmed rather than edited in a WYSIWYG-way. There is a great deal of specialized editors or editor modes (e.g. AucTeX) simplifying the creation of LaTeX documents. In many cases, however, you just want to quickly write down what’s [...]

Emacs Ad

This screencast shows how you can use emacs as an IDE for Ruby development. It demonstrates many nice but not so known features such as ido-mode, tramp and snippets. The screencast has been produced in 2006 and is still worth seeing.