Place an image into an R plot

There a basically two options on how to place arbitrary images as a point symbol into a plot in R. If you want to use a raster images such as GIF, JPG or BMP, opt for the “pixmap” package.  You will have to convert your image into the PPM format and then use the “add_logo” [...]

The Latticist Package for R

One of my dear readers, C S,  has pointed out to me the R package latticist. In the beginning I was sceptical, since the package is merely more than an interface to existing visualization routines. However, I now consider it astonishingly useful and use it almost every day. The reason is simple: Getting an intial [...]

Inline Figures in Org-Mode Paper Drafts

Writing a paper often comes along with a problem known as information fragmentation: figures, tables and the respective data sources related to the paper certainly are somewhere on your hard disk – but where? How did I name the file with the data-points again? And, the heck, which commands did I use to create that [...]

Directly Edit and Play with Plots in R

The R-project describes itself as a “free software environment for statistical computing and graphics”. It can produce nice graphics indeed, but in practice editing them often gets tedious since any alteration must be given as one or multiple command-line commands. At least I thought so – until I found out about the playwith package. With [...]

Creating a R-GUI in the wink of an eye

I think many folks have been waiting for this. R is a statistical language widely established itself in the life-sciences. However, many lab people dislike it due to its bare commandline interface. This might change with a new program called RGG:
Self written R scripts are usually not longer than 100-150 lines. In most cases, there [...]